Comprehensive Underground Service Locating in Adelaide by Engineering Surveys

We are a certified underground service locating organisation.

Understanding Underground Service Locating

Underground service locating is a meticulous and essential process that ensures the safety and integrity of construction and excavation projects. It involves precisely identifying and marking the locations of hidden underground utilities such as water pipes, gas lines, electrical cables, and telecommunication networks. This precision is vital to prevent accidents, service disruptions, and financial setbacks.

The Significance of Underground Service Locating

Safety first

Accurate underground service locating is the cornerstone of safety in construction and excavation. It minimizes the risk of accidental utility damage, which can lead to dangerous situations, injury, or even fatalities.

Cost Efficiency

In addition to safety, proper service locating is economically advantageous. It prevents unnecessary excavation, which can result in expensive repair and restoration work.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting legal and regulatory requirements is fundamental. Adhering to these standards not only keeps your project safe but also avoids legal complications.

Our Comprehensive Services

We offer a comprehensive range of underground services to help map the precise location of underground utilities, prevent damage and service interruptions, using our state-of-the-art equipment including augmented reality.

Underground Utility Mapping

At Engineering Surveys, we offer a range of services to provide comprehensive underground utility mapping:

  • Electromagnetic Locating: We utilize electromagnetic signals to detect and trace metallic utilities, such as water pipes and gas lines. This technology ensures that you have an accurate understanding of where these vital services are located.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): Our non-invasive GPR technology helps to locate non-metallic utilities accurately. It's a safe and efficient way to find plastic pipes and other non-conductive services.

  • Utility Marking: We take utility locating a step further by marking the precise locations clearly for your construction or excavation team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

  • Surveying Equipment: We also employ advanced surveying equipment, which enhances our ability to pick up and map underground services with even greater precision. Our surveying tools provide highly accurate data, improving the reliability of your project plans.

Utility Damage Prevention

Preventing utility damage is our top priority, and we offer a variety of services to achieve this:

  • Before You Dig Services: Our service locating professionals coordinate with national utility referral company DBYD to gather comprehensive information on potential underground services. This proactive approach helps to prevent costly accidental damage and facilitates the sharing of vital safety information.

  • On-Site Consultations: Our experienced experts can visit your project site and provide recommendations on safe excavation practices. This on-site guidance enhances your project's safety.

24/7 Emergency Locating

Emergencies can strike at any time, and we understand the importance of a rapid response. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to emergency requests for utility locating and damage prevention.

State of the Art Equipment

We rely on the latest technology solutions to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our services:

  • Electromagnetic Locators: These devices detect the electromagnetic fields generated by conductive utilities, offering precise location data.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Units: Our GPR systems utilize radar waves to detect non-metallic utilities and structures underground.

  • Sondes and Tracers: These devices are inserted into pipes, sending signals for precise locating.

  • Surveying Equipment: Our advanced surveying equipment enhances the accuracy and precision of underground service mapping. This allows us to capture even the most subtle variations in utility locations.

  • GPS Technology: GPS technology is used to accurately map utility locations, providing critical geographic data.

Augmented Reality Underground Services Visualisation

For clients who require an even greater technology mapping service, we offer optional augmented reality services. Augmented reality can be seamlessly integrated into your project to provide enhanced digital visualization and decision-making tools.

Engineering Surveys is a certified locating organisation.

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