Construction is in our DNA

Our team are experts in construction, delivering accurate and timely surveys to give you confidence at all stages of the construction process.

We can partner with you to deliver timely survey support for your construction projects. We have a broad base of construction expertise including extensive experience with major infrastructure for roads, bridges and rail as well as structural projects such as high-rise buildings, surveys for steelwork and structural walling such as in-situ concrete or precast.

Site establishment and boundary control

Design placement consistency, precision and accuracy depend on the solid foundation of a good survey control network.  Site establishment may require a Boundary Identification Survey and often prior to any design a base Detail Survey (Feature and Level Survey)

Getting it right first time

Our expert survey teams will help to ensure structural integrity from the ground up.  Whether your project is commercial or domestic building construction, civil and bulk earthworks, roads, bridges, or rail, our construction ready teams can provide you with structural design layout at all stages of the construction process. 

Ensuring design integrity

As construction progresses teams can provide timely QA survey reports to ensure the integrity of the design is maintained.  Survey control and reference marks for other trades can also be provided to ensure all technical personnel are working to the same control framework, minimizing any possible errors.

Getting you the right information

During the construction process we can assist you with any other reporting requirements such as structural conformance reports, volumes of material, pavement areas and any other design conformance reports.  We have a number of tools at our disposal depending on the application, but great efficiencies can be achieved through the use of our state of the art Robotic Total Stations, GPS Rovers or with 3D Scanning and Aerial Drone Surveys

Ticking the boxes

You can be assured of our capability to provide you with the complete final QA survey sign-off documentation, encompassing final conformance drawings, lettable area plans if required, and, when necessary, official sign-off by a Licensed Surveyor

Let our expert survey managers assist you in finding the right survey solution for your project.
Have confidence in the expertise of our dedicated teams, committed to providing you with timely, precise, and cost-effective surveys, fostering a steadfast foundation grounded in trust.