The rail infrastructure survey experts

Our Rail Industry Worker (RIW) accredited teams are experts in rail infrastructure surveys and can assist you with any rail related survey requirements.

Whether your project involves pickup of existing rail and rail corridors, surveys for tamping and maintenance or detailed set out for new rail construction, our RIW accredited teams have the expertise and know-how to ensure your rail project success. 

High precision control networks

Design placement consistency, precision and accuracy depend on the solid foundation of a well-placed survey control network.  RIW survey teams can establish small or large-scale networks that span kilometres, established to a high level of accuracy suitable for construction to follow. 

Conformance to DIT Rail Engineering Standards

Our RIW teams are fully conversant on the requirements for DIT standard surveys for rail and can produce any and all of the quality reporting required. 

Integration with track construction crews

Our rail crews have a comprehensive knowledge of track design parameters & industry terminology, and can work with all stakeholders including track protectors and engineers to ensure a seamless construction or maintenance schedule, including strict timelines with around the clock shift-work during shutdowns. 

Setout and conformance reporting

Accurate set out and conformance of all components from bulk earthworks and underground service location to track building & resurfacing. Advanced QA & reporting capabilities and conformance to DIT Rail Engineering Standards for all survey deliverables.

Bridge works and 3D scanning

Time critical surveys can be assisted by our next generation 3D scanner, the Riegl VZ-600i which can capture 2 million points per second, ensuring minimum time spent in the rail corridor and capturing comprehensive and highly accurate data suitable for DIT standard reporting or 3D CAD modelling.

Let our expert survey managers assist you in finding the right survey solution for your project.
Have confidence in our expert Rail Industry Worker (RIW) teams delivering timely, accurate and cost-effective surveys, ensuring a seamless process for all your rail survey infrastructure requirements.