Engineering Surveys has been providing expert surveying services to the construction industry in South Australia since 1989.

Engineering Surveys origins began in 1989 initially catering to the demands of builders, particularly in high-rise construction projects. Over time, the company underwent significant growth, transforming into a versatile, multi-disciplinary team.

We specialise in a range of services including construction and infrastructure surveys, topographic and feature surveys, boundary and land development surveys, as well as 3D scanning and aerial mapping. The foundational experience of providing survey support for builders has profoundly shaped our ethos, imbuing it with a strong customer-centric approach paired with a responsiveness to the needs of the construction industry.

Customer focus

Fostering great customer relationships.


Utilising the best available technology and thinking outside of the box.

Practical application

Ensuring a thorough understanding of the task requirements to inform a practical solution.

Project integration

Providing timely surveying support in construction, underpinned by an expert knowledge of the needs of all stakeholders. Surveyors “owning” their projects.

Deliver quality

To produce a quality product across all disciplines, focusing on accuracy, precision and easily comprehensible plans and data focusing on stakeholder requirements.

Engineering Surveys has been a trusted partner in South Australia's construction industry since 1989, evolving from its origins to become a versatile and customer-centric team. With a commitment to innovation, customer focus, practical application, project integration, and delivering quality, we strive to provide expert surveying services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our mission is not only to meet but exceed expectations, utilising the latest technology and fostering lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

Let our expert survey managers assist you in finding the right survey solution for your project.
No matter the application, size or complexity of your surveying requirements, we can guarantee service and survey deliverables that will exceed your expectations. Partner with us today to experience the difference.