The pipeline and tunnel construction experts

Our team are experts in pipeline surveys, delivering accurate and timely surveys to give you confidence at all stages of the construction process.

We can partner with you to provide survey support at all stages of your pipeline project, including initial detail surveys of the existing terrain, features, underground services and boundary corridor, followed by design, though to construction support for setout of pipework and final as-built verifications to design.

Survey control networks

Design placement consistency, precision and accuracy depend on the solid foundation of a good survey control network.  Survey teams can establish small or large-scale networks that span kilometres, established to a high level of accuracy suitable for construction to follow.

Mapping of the corridor

The pipe route usually requires the mapping of the pipeline corridor prior to final design.  Depending on the requirements we are able to provide drone imagery and surface modelling, all topographic features, underground services and site boundaries

Design services

Our expert design team can assist in the design of your pipeline given a detailed specification.  Longitudinal section plans can be produced capturing all pipeline design and areas of critical crossing services.

Construction services

Our survey teams can peg out the design pipeline route, provide verification of conformance to design during install and provide relevant site information about crossing underground services, providing timely support for all stakeholders in the construction process.

Conformance reporting

As-installed reporting can be customized to each application, including reporting to SA Water and DIT standards.

Let our expert survey managers assist you in finding the right survey solution for your project.
Have confidence in our expert teams delivering timely, accurate and cost-effective surveys, ensuring a solid foundation for your pipeline project.