Subdivision Infrastructure Surveys

Our team are experts in subdivision infrastructure, delivering accurate and timely surveys to give you confidence at all stages of the construction process.

We can partner with you to deliver timely survey support for your subdivision project.  We have a broad base of construction expertise including extensive experience with services infrastructure, digital terrain models (DTMs) for machine control, and road construction.  We can also offer all of the boundary services for your project, including outer boundary surveys, allotment design and set-out and guide you though every aspect of the land division process.

Site establishment and boundary control

Design placement consistency, precision and accuracy depend on the solid foundation of a good survey control network.  Teams will check existing cadastral framework as a part of this process, and establish new survey control to maximize site efficiency of all survey operations.

Getting it out of the ground

Ensuring structural integrity from the ground up.  Our construction ready teams can help you with creating digital terrain models (DTM) for machine guidance from bulk earthworks to road final trim.

Reliable Survey Support

Our expert teams will provide survey support for all elements of infrastructure installation from sewer, stormwater, water mains, common service utilities and set-out for kerbing installation.

Road Element Verification

Services include verification of all elements of road construction from box-out to final trim and provision of final bitumen layer thickness reports.

Ticking the boxes

Have confidence in all sign off documentation being completed to a high standard and on time.  Final reports include all council requirements as well as SA Water as-constructed drawings.

Let our expert survey managers assist you in finding the right survey solution for your project.
Our expert construction survey teams can deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective surveys, ensuring your subdivision success. Partner with us today to experience the difference!