Specialised measurement services

At Engineering Surveys we believe virtually no measurement is impossible; if you have a challenging project we can partner with you to provide measurements where traditional methods are impractical or even impossible.

Using the latest technologies such as robotic total stations, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or 3D scanners, we are able to pick up detailed 3D spatial information which can be used in a diverse range of applications. These can include complex architectural shapes, industrial componentry in factory environments, or areas that are completely inaccessible by other means. 3D scanning and levelling can even be to sub-millimetre accuracy in certain applications if required.

Complex shapes

Virtually any complex 3D shape can be measured.  These can include intricate architectural features, complex precast elements, mechanical parts or organic shapes such as trees. 3D scanning technology can be utilized to capture millions of points in seconds, capturing a detailed point cloud which can be modelled thereby reducing model data size substantially.

Inaccessible sites

Sites may be completely inaccessible, but measurements possible remotely via airborne drone or remote 3D scanner or total station.

Industrial alignment applications

We can assist with factory and industrial alignment applications, virtually anything on a factory floor or industrial site is able to be accurately measured to sub-millimetre accuracy if required including gantry rails, vessels, rollers, kilns, hydraulic and machine presses, robotics and specialized equipment.

Office processing with the Riegl VZ-600i

Conformance reporting

A range of different reports can be prepared depending on the application – or customized for virtually any application. 

We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box.
If you have a challenging measurement project and you’re unsure how to proceed, give us a call to discuss – the solution may be easier than you think!