Snowy Mountains NSW
Leed Engineering and Construction
November 2019 to January 2024

Snowy 2.0 is the largest committed renewable energy project in Australia aiming to lower carbon emissions and improve Australia's energy network. The project involves linking two existing dams, Tantangara and Talbingo, through 27km of tunnels and building a new underground power station in the Snowy mountains region of southern NSW. Project costs are estimated to be between 3.8 and 4.5 billion.

Engineering Surveys was enlisted by Leed Engineering and Construction to assist in delivering the exploratory works component of the project. This involved the construction of a 15km single lane road winding down the side of the mountains into the valley, three 7m wide haul roads from Tantangara dam to the portal opening and two steel bridges with a combined length of 80m.

Devastating fires burned through the site over the Christmas break period, destroying a lot of plant and equipment which has created difficulties for site construction crews.  Phone towers and networks were also down in the area creating further challenges.

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