Pipeline and Tunnel Surveys

Engineering Surveys can provide set-out, control networking, as constructed surveys, monitoring and guidance system solutions for all pipeline, tunneling and underground developments. These include tunnels developed using:

  • Roadheaders;
  • Tunnel Boring Machines;
  • Pipejacking;
  • Drill and blast and
  • Other mechanized mining equipment.

Pipeline specific projects have included:

Topographical survey of water pipeline from Tailem Bend to  Milang (90 km)

  • Design and supply drawings for construction
  • Peg pipeline for construction

Christies Beach Pipeline from sewerage works to various ovals in council area (10km) Leed Engineering

  • Longitudinal section of route
  • Location of services
  • Depthing of services with the pothole subcontractor
  • Design of pipeline including for construction drawings
  • Pegging of route for construction
  • As installed drawings

Adelaide Desalination Plant to Happy Valley Pipeline (10km) McConnell Dowell

  • Pegging of pipeline
  • Checking of each section of the pipe to verify it was placed correctly and assistance in making adjustments where needed
  • All underground road and rail crossings using micro-tunnelling methods

Riverland area - various irrigation pipelines (York Civil)

  • Topographical survey of entire route
  • Design and supply drawings for construction
  • Peg pipeline for construction
  • As installed drawings



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At Leed we know that we can rely on Engineering Surveys to provide us with prompt and efficient service. Having worked with us for many years they understand our needs as well as the needs of our Clients...
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