Port River Expressway Stages 3 and 4

Involving four major Architectural companies from both Australia and America this ambitious project has an estimated cost of $400Millon.

Bridgeworks have involved driving approximately two hundred 900mm diameter, 45metre long steel tubes from floating barges using Trimble GPS (Global positioning systems) and robotic one-man total stations for setout locations.

Due to the opening nature of both the bridges massive foundations have been placed out in the centre of the river with construction taking place some 6 metres below water level. This was necessary due to the massive 45metre road and rail spans that will have to rise numerous times during the day. These structures will house all the gearing and counter weights used for the lifting.

Using techniques refined over many years Engineering Surveys has been able to accurately setout concrete works and holding down bolts that are 75mm in diameter and over three metres in length weighing in at almost half a tonne each! Suspended formwork has been used to pour base slabs for the minor pile caps with precast shells placed around the slabs providing water tight structures that are used for forming up the main pile caps.

Extensive use of AutoCAD and 12D Model software has made this challenging job possible enabling speedy as-constructed information and design changes on the fly.

Fast FactsPort River Expressway Stages 3 and 4
  • LocationPort River, Port Adelaide
  • BuilderYork Civil
  • When12.2005 to 08.2008
  • DetailsThe final leg of the East-West Expressway connecting the Northern industrial areas of Adelaide and Salisbury with the main shipping berths of Port Adelaide, including two fully independent opening bridges.

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