Millbrook Reservoir Upgrade

Millbrook Reservoir is 31 m high, 288 metres long and has a capacity of 16,500 ML. The reservoir is 25km NE of Adelaide and lies on Chain of Ponds creek, a tributary of the River Torrens and covers the site of the original Millbrook township. The dam was constructed during the years spanning the First World War 1914 - 1918. Engineering Surveys was involved at all stages of recent upgrade construction including the spillway drill and blast program, controlling of the reinforcement fill to the downstream dam face and all associated concrete works within the new spillway. A Trimble Robotic 'One-man' Total Station was used to great effect for all survey requirements.

Fast FactsMillbrook Reservoir Upgrade
  • LocationMillbrook
  • BuilderBardavcol
  • When10.2005 to 03.2007
  • DetailsUpgrade to the Millbrook reservoir included strengthening of the downstream dam wall, widening of the spillway and installation of a new control weir.

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